Who we are

C-Control is officially registered as Carbon-Control BV and started its operations 1 July 2005.

The company is founded by Mr. Michel van Swieten. The day-to-day business is being executed by Mrs Heidi van der Hor and Michel van Swieten.

Our team of inspectors is lead by Mr. Richard Bontje.



What we can do for you 

We at C-Control.org are providing highly secure import and export services for bulk products of all kinds. We specialize in providing quality testing and inspection services for all sorts of liquids/dry cargoes in bulk or in containers including oils and chemicals of all types. Besides, we enable our global clients to experience easy going logistic and cargo services for all kinds of goods.
Our wide ranges of C-Control services offer you:

  • Quality testing or inspection of oils or chemical Bulk/containers (weight/quality)
  • Commercial shipping documents
  • Logistic and cargo services
  • Custom formalities (inclusive fiscal representation)
  • Blending (additives)
  • Transport Insurance Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Operational Activities (providing hoses, pumps hands, splitters etc.)
  • Our all services are insured with top-notch underwriters for product liability upto EUR 5 million. Our freight forwarding services are based on the latest version of Dutch forwarding norms as suggested by FENEX at the registry of the District Court of Rotterdam. Besides, our all cargo and inspection activities are also based on latest rules of VEROCOG as mentioned in the registry of District Court of Rotterdam.

    We have a team of highly skilled quality testing inspectors who will be responsible for testing quality of Oil or Chemicals in Bulk/containers accurately. Our proposed inspectors/analysts are highly qualified and are well-trained in the following testing or inspection activities:

  • Inspection or testing of Veg oil
  • Inspection of Palm oil
  • Custom formalities for Palm oil
  • Veg oil sampling inspection
  • Rapeseed oil custom formalities
  • Veg oil logistics and many more
  • Our Quality Testing Assurance

    Our all sorts of quality testing activities are min. BVQI ISO 9001:2000 certified. We are a member of superintendent company of FOSFA and are also recognized by NOFOTA & Gafta.

    Our Independence

    We are an independent firm and our all testing and cargo services are also trustworthy. We operate and execute our inspection and testing activities standalone.

    Our client's from different domains

    We entertain customers from different parts of the world. They deal in different business domains like Food, Oleo Chemicals, Green Energy, Heat/Power Plants and many more. We serve to all our clients with quality results and get them back total worth of their investment done with us.

    Interested? Get in touch with us through our website www.c-control.org/ Now!!